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Castlefest 2018

Castlefest. The greatest festival of all. This year I went for the full experience: I bought a camping ticket and set up my tent, so I could enjoy all four days without having to travel home between days. It was the best Castlefest ever. There were a lot of good bands like Brisinga, Prima Nocta and The Sidh. I also bought a lot of stuff and spend way more money than I planned.

I took photos of people in costumes again. My eight year old camera isn’t that great anymore though. The autofocus has broken so I had to focus manually. But most of them turned out well.

Nishicon 2018

I was at Nishicon in Februari 2018. Unfortunately, many photos don’t look too well because the light was quite bad inside and I didn’t have a usable flash on my camera (and I didn’t want to go outside because it was freezing).

Did I only took photos of girls and women? Not quite, because not everybody who looks like a girl is a girl. And there is one among them where even I have no idea who it is.

Animecon 2017

Animecon, the biggest anime convention in the Netherlands. It takes three days, but unfortunately I could only be there one Friday. I had a great time. I bought some nice stuff, tasted some great food and took lots of pictures of cosplayers. It was a bit hard to take pictures indoors and some of them don’t look so well. But it’s still a beautiful collection.

Tomocon Oss 2017

I was at Tomocon in Oss on Saturday April 8th.  It was a very fun anime convention. I bought some stuff, played games, watched a lecture about Japan and of course took pictures of cosplayers. It was a lot better than Tomofair in Amsterdam, which I didn’t like that much.

There are quite a lot of pictures for one day and that’s because there were so many good cosplayers. I was lots of fun to take pictures of the awesome cosplays. The pictures turned out great as well.